Concentration:MA 1980 Welding

Credential: American Welding Society (AWS) Entry
Level certification - West Virginia Department of Education NCCER OSHA

Course Offerings

  -Welding I,II,III, and IV (core)
  -Blueprint Reading and Metallurg
  -Gas Tungstent Arc Welding
  -Gas Metal Arc Metal Welding
  -Ornamental Metal Work

Sample Careers In Welding
Industrual/Mechanical Engineer, Quality Inspector, Sale REoresentative, Fabrication Supervisor, Layout and Design, Fabricator, Pipe Welder, Nuclear Welder, Independent Contractor, Metalsmith, Blacksmith.

Salary Range
$14,000.00 - $100,000.00+

Welding is used in all forms of industry and at all skill levels. Skilled welders vary from the entry level fabricator to the experts welding pipe in nuclear plants. Students enrolled in this course of study use up-to-date, industry standard welding processes and live work experiences to develop individual and work readiness skills. Those participating in Welding Technology exit with skills and knowledge necessary to enter the work force. Students interested in continuing their education may earn up to 28 college hours toward a 2 or 4 year degree. There are also opportunities for advanced placement into technical schools. Welding technology now offers an ornamental metals work course. It uses techniques both from the traditional crafts of blacksmithing and the art of ornamental metals. Students have an opportunity to express their creative/artistic side. Internships are available for both Welding Technology and Ornamental Metals.

This course of study constitutes 1080 hours for completion.