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Technology Centers That Work

Framework for School Improvement

The mission of TCTW is to create a culture of high expectations and continuous improvement in technology centers. To achieve this mission, TCTW sites strive to meet these primary goals for improvement:

-Increase the percentage of CT students who meet college and career readiness goals on the HSTW Assessment to 85 percent.

-Increase the percentage of high school students who enter the technology center and graduate on time to 95 percent.

Increase the percentages of technology center graduates who:

-Earn postsecondary credit while in high school.

-Meet college-readiness standards to succeed in credit-bearing postsecondary courses without needing remediation.

-Meet readiness standards to enter and advanced training program leading to a certificate, an employer certification or an apprenticeship program.

-Acquire an industry certification through a state approved certification examination in a high-skill, high-demand, career field.

-Work with middle grade schools to guide students in creating programs of study that will prepare them for success in high school, the technology center, postsecondary studies and careers.

-Advance state and local policies and leadership initiatives that sustain a continuous school improvement effort at technology centers.

TCTW Key Practices for Improved Student Achievement

High expectations - Motivate more students to meet high expectations by integrating high expectations into CT and academic classroom practices and giving students frequent feedback.

Program of study - Require each student to complete a career-focused program of study, including both a concentration of at least four CT courses and a "ready" academic core, leading to better preparation for postsecondary studies and advanced training.

Academic studies - Teach more students the essential concepts of the college-preparatory curriculum by encouraging them to apply academic content and skills to real-world problems and projects within their CT studies.