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Special Vocational Resource

Special Vocational Resource Assistance Program

Special Vocational Resource Teachers help in lab and classroom activities, studying techniques, test modifications or other means necessary for handicapped students to complete the requirements of the vocational program.

With the assistance of Special Vocational Resource Instructors, all students have the following opportunities available to them:

◊ Internship
◊ Apprenticeship
◊ Clinical
◊ Scholarships
◊ Skills USA
◊ Post Secondary Education
◊ Job Placement

Students are provided with 3 types of evaluation - vocational aptitude, occupational interest inventory and a learning style inventory.

Vocational Aptitude shows the strengths of a student in a vocational setting.

Vocational interest inventory indicates career areas that interest the student.

The learning styles inventory provides the instructor with the preferred learning styles to match the student's learning needs.