simulated work place

Simulated Work Place

What is Simulated Workplace?

The West Virginia Department of Education has worked with committee experts from numerous businesses and industries throughout West Virginia to design Simulated Workplace. This new educational initiative has been created to assist schools in implementing workplace environmental protocols that align with West Virginia workforce requirements, including random drug testing, professionalism, attendance and safety. Simulated Workplace has not only enhanced instructional delivery of career education, but has created a more engaged career and technical student. The simulated workplace environment permits students the opportunity to take ownership of their individual performance as it impacts the overall success of their education, while thriving in an authentic workplace culture. Simulated Workplace also encourages local business and industry experts to join onsite review teams to assist schools in meeting their workforce needs and expectations

Statewide statistics:

* 1200+ Simulated Workplace companies statewide
* More than 24,000 students participating yearly
* 98.4% drug free
* 97% student satisfaction
* National and international visits to WV