In response to the concern for students' (both secondary and post graduate) safety and liability, the Wyoming County Career and Technical Center has adopted a parking policy. The following policy will be strictly enforced without exception for all students and faculty. Driving is a privilege not a right, and privileges can and will be revoked. STUDENTS MUST HAVE A PERMIT TO DRIVE TO THE CAREER CENTER.

1. Permanent parking permits may be purchased in the office at an annual cost of $20.00 per vehicle. An application for a parking permit must be completed and returned to the school office before a permit is issued. The parking permit must be attached to the lower left glass of the vehicle. A log will be maintained in the school office listing permit number student name and class in which student is enrolled. A separate permit must be purchased for each vehicle that will be driven to school. The Wyoming County Career and Technical Center will notify the home high school if a permit is issued to the student. A parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.

2. A "One Day" parking permit will be issued by the director or assistant director on an as - needed basis.Student must obtain the permit one day in advance. The permit must be signed by the students parent and instructor. Students must have a valid reason for obtaining a permit. The permit allows only that student and no passengers to be in the vehicle.No students are permitted to park between "A" and "B" building which is designated for staff and visitors only. All regulations apply.(There is no fee required for one-day permit.)

3. The Wyoming County Career and Technical Center will not assume liability for any vehicle parked on school property.

4. Students are not permitted to loaf or sit in their vehicles.Once you arrive, lock your vehicle and report immediately to your class. Students are not permitted to enter or drive their vehicles during school hours.

5. A 5 M.P.H speed limit and all state motor laws must be observed while on school grounds.

6. Do not block garage doors or entrances to shops. The handicapped ramp to "A" building must not be blocked at any time.

7. Any violation of the Wyoming County Career and Technical Center vehicle policy will result in suspension of all students involved and revocation of the parking permit.

8. The drive-throughin front of "A" building is reserved for the school buses. All "NO PARKING" zones must be strictly observed to allow for entrance and exit of buses.

9. Students are to wait until all the buses have left school grounds before any vehicle is allowed to leave school grounds.

10. Students at no time during the day are allowed to be on the parking lots for any reason. If emergencies arise,the student must secure a pass from the instructor.

11. Post-secondary students are encouraged to car pool due to limited number of available parking spaces.

12. Students are to sign in and out,in the office, when late or leaving.