Medical Info

Illness/Personal Injury

If a student becomes ill or is injured while attending the Wyoming County Career and Technical Center, every effort possible will be made in contacting parents or guardians. If for some reason, a parent or guardian cannot be located, information provided on the emergency medical authorization form will be followed in seeking medical treatment. In the event that a student becomes ill or is injured in class, they should notify the teacher immediately. Should a student become ill or is injured outside the classroom, they should:
  1. Notify the nearest teacher.
  2. Notify the teacher immediately.
  3. Shut off all electrical power if applicable.
  4. Return to their respective classroom.


If it is necessary for a student to bring prescription medication to school, the medication should be kept in their correct package with the prescription label affixed. Since drugs and medications can be dangerous is taken indiscriminately or improperly, a permission to give medication form must be filled out by the parent or the guardian and physician.