Votech school

       The Wyoming County Career and Technical Center is an exemplary school for the preparation of students to enter the workplace upon completion of a program or to continue their education at a post-secondary institution. Studens can select from 18 different programs of study. All programs have national credentials and certifications. Through EDGE and articulation agreements with various post-secondary institutions, students can leave the Career Center with as many as 28 college credits at no cost.

       The Career Center is a Simulated Workplace Site where traditional classrooms shift to workplace company settings. Each program at the Career Center is a simulated student led company. This framework is a great opportunity for students to learn valuable work skills throughout project-based learning.

       Career Center students compete annually in the SkillsUSA Competition and medal in several events each year. Students from the Career Center have represented Wyoming County and West Virginia for the past several years in the National SkillsUSA Competition. Additionally, Career Center instructors and students participate in numerous community service activities.

       Wyoming County Schools is extremely proud of the Wyoming County Career and Technical Center. The Career Center is one of the most valuable resources in Wyoming County for high school and adult students alike.

Deirdre A. Cline, Superintendent