Employment Services

Employment Services

The Wyoming County Career and Technical Center faculty provides a variety of services designed to help meet their career and educational goals. The instructors may visit the feeder high schools to provide students with information about Technical Education and assist students in making appropriate educational plans. High school sophomores come to this Career Center for a day each year to visit programs of their choice.

The assistant principal is also very active with career-oriented programs for middle school students that includes the coordination of the seventh and eight grade student annual tour of the school and enrollment in the two-week summer school career program.

Group Sessions are held on job seeking skills such as how to handle a job interview successfully, tips for locating employment, and how to fill out a job application.

The faculty also assists students by encouraging them to attend a college or technical school upon graduation. Resource Represenatives from colleges, technical schools, business, and industry are brought in throughout the year to help students plan their future.