Votech school

Electronics Technology Robotics / Drones

Cluster:   Manufacturing
Pathway: Maintenance, Installation, and Repair (Electronics)
                 Manufacturing Production Process Development
Concentration: MA 1720 Electronics Technician
Credential: ETA (Electronic Technicians Association), COMP TIA

Course Offerings:
  Robotics I,II,III and IV and FAA Ground (Core)
  DC Circuits and Concepts (Core)
  AC Circuits and Concepts (Core)
  Analog Circuits and Systems (Core)
  Digital Computer Concepts (Core)

Sample Careers
Electronic Engineer, A+ Computer Technician, PC Technician, Service Center Technician, Software Applications Support, Cable Technician, Electronic Technician, Technical Writer, Sales Representative, Electronic Service and Repair, Electronic Diagnostician.

Salary Range $45,000.00 - $120,000.00+
Salary is influenced by level and degree of Education and Certification.

Students entering the field of electronic technology will be on the forefront of developing trends. Those enrolled in this course of study will diagnose, adjust, and repair electronic equipment. This includes the electronic devices we use everyday such as computers, televisions, VCR's, CD and DVD players as well as sonar, radar, industrial and medical measuring, engineering and control devices. Students enrolled in electronic course of study may earn up to 28 college hours and apply these hours to a 2 or 4 year degree. Those completing the full course of study will have the skills to enter the work force upon graduation. These can be taken with other electronic courses or as a stand alone certification. Internships are available to those students meeting the qualifications. Students will be eligible to enter the Toyota Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program after completing this program. The AMT includes a two year associate degree that combines cutting-edge curriculum, paid working experiences along with learning highly sought-after business principles and best practices of a world class manufacturer.

This course constitutes 1080 hours for completion.