Votech school

Drafting-CADD Technology

Cluster: Architecture and Construction
Pathway: Design / Pre-construction
Concentration: AR 1720 Drafting Architect
Credential: American Design and Drafting Association

Required Courses (sequence preferred)

  -Fundamentals of Drafting I (core)
  -Drafting Techniques I (core)
  -Architectual Drafting (core)
  -Mechanical Drafting (core)

Recommended Elective Courses
  -Civil Drafting
  -Advanced Computer Aided Drafting
  -Engineering Design and Automated Systems I
  -Engineering Design and Automated Systems II

Sample Careers in Drafting/ CADD Technology

Architect, Landscape Architect, Interior Design, City Planner, Draftsman, Concert Stage Set Designer, Surveyor, Applied Design Technician, Mechanical Drafting Specialist, Layout Design Specialist, Independent Contractor, Floor Plan Designer.

Salary Range

  $40,000.00 - $100,000.00 +

Salary influenced by level and degree of education and certification. This course constitutes 1080 hours for completion.


Everything in the world that is built or put together has to begin from a design. The person responsible for the design in a draftsperson. From paper clips to skyscrapers, from automobiles to computers, all things begin life as a sketch, drawing, or blueprint. The drafting/CADD course of study will prepare students to exit as an entry leval drafter or continue on pursue a 2 or 4 year degree. Wether you are interested in architecture, mechanical, or civil drafting, this course will give you experiance using the traditional drafting table as well as the most up to date computer aided drafting (CADD) techniques. Students completing the full course of study may apply up to 28 college hours towards a degree. Internships are avaliable for those students who qualify.