Votech school

Information Management

Cluster: Information Technology
Pathway: Interactive Media
Concentration: IT 1450 Information Management
Credentials: Microsoft Office Specialist (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Adobe Certified Associate (Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro)

Course Offerings:

Business Computer Applications I (Word, Powerpoint)
Digital Imaging / Multimedia I
Web Page Publishing
Desktop Publishing

Salary Range


The IT 1450 Information Management program is a general computer program that makes use of common computer software, procedures and functions to appeal to a wide range of students from different academic backgrounds.

This program is useful for students who wish to go to college without an empahasis on computer science as a degree because they can apply the principles learned to many academic areas. Every area in the college realm requires the computer concepts learned in this program to perform the activities that are assigned in all disciplines.

Students in business get needed training in software they will most certainly use. They also benefit from more instruction in software than the traditional business student would ever experience. This gives them added advantages as technology grows in the future.

Students seeking a career in computer science would benefit from the program. They will get foundations and advanced instruction into the world of computer science.