Votech school

Building Construction


Cluster: Architecture and Construction
Pathway: Construction
Concentration: AR 1820 Carpentry
Credential: NCCER, OSHA

Course Offerings Required Courses (Sequence Preferred)
Carpentry I (Core)
Carpentry II (Core)
Carpentry III (Core)
Carpentry IV (Core)

Recommended Elective Courses
Concrete Finishing
Applications in Commercial Construction
Blueprint Reading for Construction
Masonry & Plumbing

Sample Careers in Building Construction
Civil Engineer, Engineer Technician, Building Inspector, Independent Contractor, Site Supervisior, Sales Representitve, Carpenter, Roofer, Brick/Block Mason, Plumber, Concrete Worker

Salary Range
$12,000 - $80,000+
Salary Influenced by level and degree of education and certification.

This course of study is based on the construction of residential and light commercial structures, including a modular home. Student's participation in the Building Construction course of study will have the skill to enter the work force immediately after graduation or have the opportunity to earn up to 28 college hours toward a 2 or 4 year degree. Those completing the full Building Construction course of study will be eligible to enter the third year of a four year apprenticeship. Internships are also available to qualifying students.

This course constitutes 1080 hours for completion.