Cluster: Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Concentration: Automotive Technology
Credential: ASE, OSHA

Course offerings
Required Courses
          Automotive Technology MLR-1
          Automotive Technology MLR-2
          Automotive Technology MLR-3
          Automotive Technology MLR-4

Recommended Elective Courses:
          Automotive Technology AST-1
          Automotive Technology AST-2
          Automotive Technology AST-3
          Automotive Technology AST-4

Sample Careers
Automotive/Auto Design Engineer, Automotive Technician, Damage Estimator, Service Station/Garage owner-operator, Parts Dealer, Service/Parts Manager, Sales Representative, General Service Maintenance - Repair, Certified Master Technician.

Salary Range $21,000.00 - $100,000.00+
Salary is influenced by level and degree of education and certification.

The areas covered in Automotive Technology course of study will educate students in the production, operation, and service and repair of automobiles, as well as knowledge of the automobile industry as a whole. Those enrolling in Automobile Technology will exit with the skills necessary to enter the work force or ready to pursue a 2 or 4 year degree. Students interested in continuing their education have the opportunity to earn up to 28 college hours by the time they complete the full course of study. Internships are additional opportunities available to those students who qualify.

Students who complete the MLR & AST Student Certification in Secondary Education can earn up to 24 EDGE College Credits toward an AAS degree and Master Automotive Service Technician certification through an established New River Technical College pathway.