Votech school

Engineering Design
and Automated Systems /
Advanced Manufacturing

Cluster: Manufacturing
Pathway: Manufacturing Production Process Development
Concentration: MA 2235 Advanced Manufacturing (Advanced Career)
Credential: OSHA

Course Offerings

  Engineering Design and Automated Systems I
  Engineering Design and Automated Systems II
  Engineering Design and Automated Systems III
  Engineering Design and Automated Systems IV

Sample Careers

Manufacturing Design, Manufacturing Tech., Manufacturing Production, Control Systems Manager, Programmer, Logistics Controller, PLC Operator

Salary Range

  $30,000.00 - $100,000.00 +

Salary influenced by level and degree of education and certification.


The Manufacturing Design and Automation course is a combination of the many technical disciplines used in modern manufacturing and production industries. From concept development to final production, this comprehensive program of study examines the design, prototyping, and fabrication of engineered products and emphasizes modern developments in system modeling, analysis, and automated control.

Automated systems and machinery are the backbone of modern manufacturing and production. Automated manufacturing systems consist of electromechanical, eletropneumatic, and electrohydraulic equipment and machinery, controlled by microprocessor and computer based systems. Automated systems also utilize computer software for data acquisition and analysis, control system troubleshooting, and process adjustments.